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We produce pool coping moulds in a variety of styles to suit both classic and modern tastes. 

Can you use pool coping as step edging and vice versa?  Yes, sometimes. However, we do not recommend using bullnose coping (coping with an upturned nose) as step edging.

coping for pools without curves


Pools without curves make it possible to use larger coping blocks that integrate with the paving behind it. Here are some of the features we build into our designs.

1 – Modularity with a paving range produced by the same manufacturer

2 – An elegant edge curve at the swimmer’s eye-level

3 – Inner corner module

4 – Outer corner module

This block has a special non-slip Surefoot Surface Texture.

coping for pools with curves

A variety of inner and outer curve modules eliminate unsightly cuttings and staggered straight lines at the pool edge.

Notice how the back of the inner curve in this case maintains an even-looking ‘width’, while the nose end varies. (For outer curves, we employ the opposite principles.)

Grouting lines remain even.

Easy instructions are available for your installer clients, who will want to keep things as simple as possible, minimising both cutting and having to think!

Step edging


In this integrated installation, the Slate Surface Texture of the square-nosed step edging and paving are identical, while the round-nosed pool coping in matches the colour only and but has a non-slip texture. 

In the coping and step edging, the texture wraps around the nose. 

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