Surface textures

Standard Surface Textures

Standard Surface Textures are Surface Texture options already available for our standard moulds.

When you order from our price list, you’ll specify which texture you want. Scroll down to see our standard Surface Textures.

Custom Surface Textures

Custom Surface Textures are developed specially for you.

Moulds for products with custom Surface Textures are priced based on considerations such as whether you want regional exclusivity, whether you need us to store your master moulds, and so on.


A refined texture emulating Table Mountain Sandstone.

Ideal for patio paving and pool surrounds where a non-slip paved surface is desirable.


A popular paving texture for patios, garden paths and outdoor shopping or restaurant zones.


The gently undulating Lava texture is ideal for vehicular traffic, which requires a relatively smooth surface for optimal tyre grip. This makes Lava our most popular texture for cobblestones and matching products such as kerbstones and channels.

Coarse granite

This rustic surface adds charm to landscaping installations.

Fine granite

An ideal texture for a modern urban look.


A special non-slip texture primarily used for pool coping.

The area around a pool can be paved with stone-emulating Sandstone products (which also have a non-slip surface), but Surefoot paving blocks may be preferred for a more neutral, modern look.

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