Cobblestone for light vehicular traffic

This 50 mm thick precision-cast cobblestone measures 102 mm x 102 mm at the top. It is a member of the 50-1000-10-3 Modular Shape Group.

Here is what this code means:

50-1000-10-3 Shape Thickness 50mm
50-1000-10-3 Mother Shape Size 1000mm x 1000mm
50-1000-10-3 Modular Grouting Width 10mm
50-1000-10-3 Common Divisor 3



This is the most popular commercial cobblestone size for driveways and light commercial applications. In the past 10 years, we’ve produced thousands paving moulds for this Product Shape.

Lateral dimensions

The base measures 105 mm x 105 mm. The cobble is tapered to measure 102 mm x 102 mm at the top.


Used on their own for light vehicular applications, it is advisable to lay these units butt-jointed to obtain tight grout widths (approx. 6 mm). (Butt-jointed, the 102 mm x 102 mm Product Shape requires 90 Product Units to cover 1 m².)

Howewer, when combined with other Product Shapes from the same Modular Shape Group, a 10 mm Modular Grouting Width ensures proper alignment.

Modular Product Shapes

Product Shapes in this Modular Shape Group line up neatly with one another with a Modular Grouting Width of 10 mm.

See the pricing table below for other Product Shape sizes in the same group. 

Other cobblestone sizes

Although 102 x 102 mm is the most popular size and thickness for light vehicular traffic, there are other cobblestone sizes which are better suited to a variety of specific needs.

For example, the 91 mm x 91 mm cobblestone in a 40 mm thickness creates delightful accent lines in pedestrian paving. (See the 40-800-10-2 Modular Shape Set for pricing.)

Check out our full lists of 40 mm (pedestrian) and 50 mm (light vehicular) Product Shape sizes.

Surface Texture

The cobblestone shown in the picture has an undulating Lava Surface Texture, which is good for tyre grip. 

The mould casts 9 Product Units, each with a different variation of the same surface texture. Different moulds have further variants of the same texture.

Besides Lava, our paving moulds are also available in other Surface Textures.

What makes these moulds cost-effective?

The table below shows the contribution of the mould cost to your per square metre cost over 100 and 800 casts. Paving moulds from Marius Cloete Moulds are exceptionally durable and produce accurately-sized products that reduce rejects at every stage, from factory to installer to end-user. If well-maintained, these moulds last well over a thousand casts.

Prices exclude VAT.

Long sideShort sideProduct Units from mouldProduct Units per Mother Shape SizeProduct Units per m²Moulds per m² castCost per m² castCost per m² over 100 castsCost per m² over 800 castsPrice per mould