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Modular Shape Groups are families of rectangular paving shapes that make installation quicker and neater.

What is a Modular Shape Group?

It’s a family of rectangular shapes with different lengths and widths designed to be lined up precisely, keeping the same specified grout width between them.

Why are Modular Shape Groups cool?

Using the right modules from the same group allows the contractor to reduce cuttings and eliminate inconsistent grout lines.

Module sizes and diagrams

Click the buttons to browse through the module sizes in each group.

What do these names mean?

The name of a group indicates the dimensions of the smallest square in the group and the grout width needed to keep consistent grout lines when adding shapes of different sizes.

For example, modules in the 47 | 10 group are sized in increments of 47 mm x 47 mm with a built-in allowance for 10 mm grouting where relevant.

How do the module sizes work?

The picture shows that a module in the 47 | 10 group that is 1 increment wide and 2 increments long is not simply 2 x 47 mm long; instead, it is (2 x 47 mm) + 10 mm long (i.e. 104 mm in total). That extra 10 mm in the length is the allowance for the grouting between two 1-increment-wide modules abutting its long side.

Similarly, the module that is 3 increments long allows for the 2 x 10 mm grout lines between the smallest possible abutting modules, so its length is (3 x 47) mm + (2 x 10 mm).

Paving modules in plan view showing grout lines and measurements

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