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There are many steps involved in making of the plugs from which we cast the final polyurethane moulds. The pictures below show the results of three of the stages the process for creating a mould for a gulley. The overall process for this mould required more than 20 stages.


I've been designing and manufacturing moulds for over 25 years. Our talented draughtsman, lead artisans and creative and administrative staff have extensive experience in their respective roles.


Here you see us working on a sophisticated modern surface texture for a range of large blocks and pool coping. It took weeks to perfect the processes needed to ensure that the fine texture would be preserved during the multi-step mould manufacturing process, whilst also allowing for smooth demoulding of a dent-free end product.


We turn our experiences into best practices and standardised procedures. Barely a day passes that we do not learn something new that contributes to our ability to serve our customers.

Here our artisans are examining one of the two master moulds of a two-part channel product.


Refining surface textures and dimensional accuracy takes many steps and detailed hand-crafting. Many of these steps cannot be efficiently executed by modern methods, such as 3D printing.

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