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Expect a holistic approach

by | 26 Aug 2019

I introduce ways to optimise and to increase your mould cast intervals, e.g., the concept of Modular Shape Groups that makes it possible for one product shape to fulfil multiple applications.

We don’t live in a perfect world. Things go wrong despite our best intentions and adherence to best practices. We truly endorse Seth Godin when he says, It’s obvious that the most highly-leveraged moment in every brand’s relationship with a customer is the moment when something goes wrong.

I introduce ways to optimise and to increase your mould cast intervals, e.g., the concept of a Modular Shape Group that makes it possible for one product shape to fulfil multiple applications.

Examples of multiple applications are modular “floating” garden steps that work equally well as garden tables and benches or slanted wall cappings that convert to elevated garden beds.

Expect mould designs that produce product shapes with a variety of uses, and because you use your moulds more often, you get a better return on your investment.

See more examples of holistically designed products

My service to you draws from lessons of what works, and what does not work so well.

I pledge that your moulds will be fit for purpose. In the event of mould failure, I will replace them at no cost to you. That is part of the learning and the core ethos of my service.

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Over the years, I’ve developed ways of making polyurathane moulds so durable that they produce daily for as long as ten years.

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Expect me to honour expectations

I understand the manufacturing side of your business. I’ve worked in it, created methods and equipment and trained staff, contributing more than is required.


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