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Fit for purpose

The usual way of making sloped edges or channels by using cobbles is to place them at a slant. This creates an untidy and unstable installation. We recommend using flat-based units that are sloped at the top. Ask us about making moulds for you.

Pool coping for curves

A variety of inner and outer curve modules eliminate unsightly cuttings and staggered straight lines at the pool edge. Ask us to create a range to suit your style.

Wall cladding

Accurate casting creates a clean masonry effect in these slate-emulating wall tiles. Our accurate sizing ensures that units abut each other neatly.

Quirky design

Several module sizes are used in the not-yet-grouted circle pattern above. The centrepiece consists of three modules. The slightly flaring grouting joints are part of the charm.

Zero cuttings

There are no cuttings in this installation. The range has been designed with square-off modules to fit the gaps at the edge of the pattern. Excluding the edge (also made with our moulds), there are six versatile module sizes in this design.

Ask us about design ideas to support your customers’ aesthetic requirements.

Corner modules

Kerbing, edging, coping and steps are some of the many applications where corner modules become helpful. This auxiliary module has a built-in spacer to fit in with the rest of its range.

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